Additional expertises

Expertises complémentaires

Managers and legal affairs departments regularly consult with the practice in the preparation of general terms and conditions of sale, licence agreements, sponsorship agreements, special distribution agreements, manufacturing and commercial partnership agreements, and so forth. Its litigation experience enables it to identify, in unconventional agreements, clauses stressing effectiveness in the event of disputes or default by a client (e.g. primacy of general terms and conditions and sale, termination clauses, claim mechanisms, reinforcement of protective measures, etc.).

The practice helps start-ups and young innovative companies to implement legal tools to protect their know-how and expertise.

The founders of Chemouny Associés have also advised large firms with significant real estate assets, chains of shops, regional or national networks of branches or of secondary establishments that have enabled the founders to garner expertise in the handling of situations deriving from leases.

Specific expertise

  • Sales of businesses;
  • Commercial leases;
  • Law of obligations;
  • Corporate law;
  • General terms and conditions of sale and purchase;
  • Distribution, licence, franchise, commercial partnership and joint venture agreements;
  • Preliminary contracts of sale or purchase.